Treatment with Sound

Sound treatment works at all levels of a human being in order to balance the body, mind and spirit. Unconsciously, with the help of vibration, our deepest fears, negative patterns, trauma and feelings of sadness and pain are released from our body. At the physical level, it eliminates tensions and blockages from the body, stimulates better functioning of the endocrine and nervous system, improves immunity and increases our vital life energy.
Sound quickly brings us into a state of peace and relaxation. In this state, the body returns to its original state, that is, the state of association with one’s own being, where the body is capable of regenerating itself. At those moments, when the body relaxes and calms the mind, we strengthen intuition and discover our own beauty and authenticity. This means that in challenging life situations we learn to accept and act from the state of peace, that is, the high vibration states.

Relaxation with the relaxing sounds of planetary gongs can be done on a daily basis regardless of age and health. People with preserved health can get extra strength and energy, awaken creativity and improve the quality of life. For people with impaired health, sound therapy will bring relief from problems caused by stress; it will free them from tension, improve their immune system and reduce the pain or cause it to disappear from a body. It effectively influences the maintenance of harmony and balance.

About GONG
Planetary gong is one of the most efficient instruments that we can use in the sound treatment because it creates a sound of complete resonance. Sound causes deep changes at all levels of the human being. One hour of gong therapy replaces 8 hours of sleep.

In 1978, Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist, found the scheme of natural law and the connection between periodic events in nature, such as the movement of planets into orbit, weather phenomena, colors, rhythms and tones. Each planetary gong is tuned to the frequency of a particular planet of the solar system. This means that when we listen to planetary gongs, we listen to the real frequencies of the Universe. Planetary gongs have a great power that causes sound waves to break blockages, fears and diseases and at the same time relax and soothe. The gong sound has the effect of synchronizing the left and right hemisphere of the brain, bringing the Beta state, in which we are in everyday life, into Alfa, Beta, Theta and Delta state. In this way, sound therapy returns the body into harmony and causes relaxation.

Tibetan sound vessels are also a powerful tool for calming and purifying the body. By placing and lightly playing the bowls around the body, vibrations travel along the meridians, blood vessels, lymphomas and feed each cell with information on health and balance. The effects of this massage are deep purification and revitalization and improvement of the flow of energy in the parts of the body in need of it.

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