Sound of Life

Studying and experience in the field of psychology, yoga philosophy, experience in working with people which I have acquired as a manager of human resources, as well as my own life circumstances have prompted me to find ways for body and mind to rest and to achieve peace regardless of the living conditions. My motive is to bring the idea of the Lehos Program, as a way of regeneration, alive together with other people.

Sound is the first sense that is born and the last one that dies. We live in the world of sound. Everything is alive, vibrates, every physiological function in the body, every part of the body, mind, every emotion is vibration.

Sound therapy can restore the harmony in a very quick and efficient way and it can relax people. A human being can be compared to a musical instrument. Each atom, molecule, cell, tissue and organ has its own frequency. High water content in the body allows the transmission of sound waves to each organ, to each cell. By targeted vibrations, with the help of sound therapy, we can bring the body back to the state of tone harmony with ourselves, restore balance and maintain health.

Gong is the oldest ancient instrument about 5500-6000 years old. Its origin is from Central and Southeast Asia. It arrived in Europe around the 17th century. There are many types of gongs: symphonic, TAM-TAM Chinese gongs and planetary gongs.
During Gong sound therapy, both group and individual, planetary gongs have the most effective effect, because they are the only therapeutic gongs. Each planetary gong is tuned to the frequency of the planets’ movement around the solar system, counting the motion along its orbit. This means that when we listen to planetary gongs, we listen to the real frequencies of the Universe. Planetary gongs have great power, as they cause sound waves, which purify in the same way as water by moving through the body; they dissolve fears, blockages and diseases, and at the same time bring self-confidence and peace.

In 1978, Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto calculated the vibrational frequencies of each planet and added the octave principle. This enabled listening to the vibration of each planet through the tone.
Today, in Europe, a large number of psychologists use sound therapy as one of the methods of releasing blockages on an unconscious level. I was personally made sure that the sound is effective in its use for both, adults and children with attention deficit, difficulty in learning, dyslexia, and especially with motor skills problems. During the work, children do not express their feelings only by words, but feelings can be seen in their eyes, facial expressions and calmness which are all evident after certain time of listening to the sound. The gong sound has the effect of synchronizing the left and right hemisphere of the brain, changing the conscious, fully awaken BETA state, in which we are in everyday life, into ALFA, THETA and DELTA state. Why is that important? Sound can most quickly lead us to the state of deep relaxation. When this happens, the body returns to its original state, i.e. state of association with one’s own being, where the body is capable of regenerating itself. At those moments, when the body relaxes and calms the mind, we strengthen intuition and discover our own beauty and authenticity. Thus, we get the ability to create, which means that we open the possibility of creating ideas and their realization to ourselves.
When we feel and experience this state of deep relaxation, we gradually adopt it and learn to act from it. This means that in challenging life situations we learn to accept and act from the state of peace, that is, high vibration state.

Sound therapy works at all levels of the human being. It does not use any words, it unconsciously releases our deepest fears, negative patterns, trauma and feelings of sadness and pain. At the physical level, it eliminates tensions and blockages from the body and stimulates better functioning of the glandular and nervous system and increases prana, our vital life energy.
Essentially, the body-mind has its own regeneration mechanism and that is why it is important to find your rhythm, your music and your vibration, and thus revive your ideas in a completely authentic way.