Lehos Sound Detox

It involves the creation and implementation of a multi-day program for each individual or for the group in the arranged time, depending on the needs. It is aimed at improving the quality of life and preserving health.

It is a unique combination of various techniques for the personal development of consciousness and relaxation. The program teaches us how to be in balance, how to achieve inner peace and awaken creativity in order to reach our essence.

We establish balance using techniques:
– proper breathing with aromatherapy
– body relaxation,
– simple exercises to relieve stress and increase the level of energy in the body, accompanied by the sounds of the planetary gongs, laying Tibetan sound vessels on the body along the meridians, vibrating sound forks and other instruments for sound therapy.

The goal is to eliminate blockages and tension from the body by combining the appropriate breathing techniques and precisely defined sounds and returning to the state of balance, health and well-being. By calming the mind and relaxing the body, we achieve the desired peace and happiness, and in that way we learn to react properly to stressful everyday life.

It is recommended to have eight to ten treatments in continuity – preferably three times a week and then continue once a month.

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